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Moroccan Bean Salad

A bean salad is a great alternative to pasta or grains for a vegan/gluten free source of protein. Beans don’t necessarily┬áhave a ton of flavor, especially canned, but this salad has a great mix of textures and Moroccan flavors. The cinnamon and cumin provide warm flavors while the mint and parsley brighten it up. The… Continue reading Moroccan Bean Salad


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Veggie Quinoa Soup

  One day I was looking through soup recipes and getting aggravated because none of them fit the guidelines I need to follow for recipes for work. Most soup recipes have something with gluten in it (pasta or flour), tomatoes, chicken, or don’t have much protein at all. Which are all no-nos for what I… Continue reading Veggie Quinoa Soup

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Tuscan Farro Soup

After discovering how delicious farro was a few summers ago, I search every website I could find for different ways to use it. I found this recipe on the Williams-Sonoma website.