About This Blog:

I’m always asked how I know what to cook and how to cook it, so I thought a food blog would be the perfect way to show people what I do. Sometimes recipes don’t have enough instructions or pictures to fully understand what to do. For this blog I will show the steps of a recipe in as many pictures as possible and make the instructions easier to follow. I’ll even add little tips and tricks that I use and let you know where to buy the ingredients. Also, in the last year, I’ve been learning about and cooking for vegan, gluten-free, and macrobiotic diets and would like to share what I’ve learned. I’ve planned a lot of different posts, including ingredient substitutions, baking basics, pantry basics, and much more.

*For anyone curious about my blog name:  My dogs name is Spinaci and he loves being in the kitchen and eating fresh vegetables. ‘Spinaci’ means ‘spinach’ in Italian.

About Me:

My name is Gabriella, I am 23 and a small business owner. I am a personal chef, caterer, and baker. I specialize in vegan, gluten-free, and macrobiotic foods and desserts.

In college, I studied Italian Studies and wrote my senior thesis on Slow Food Evolution. For my thesis I researched and studied Slow Food and have also researched GMO’s for another paper. Over the years I have practiced Slow Food principals and love cooking with whole foods. I enjoy speaking about food and learning as much about it as I can.

From a very young age, I’ve been in the kitchen. From about age 4 I was always in the kitchen with my mom, doing anything I could. And summers spent with my grandparents were spent in the kitchen baking or cooking. Also, due to my Italian heritage, I was introduced to gardening at a young age. Continuing the traditions of cooking and gardening are very important to me. For the last several summer, my parents and I have planted an organic garden full of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Posting Schedule:

Monday afternoons


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