Weekly Garden Update: 2

Pictured above is proof that non-GMO seeds grow perfectly. These are corn stalks just 2 weeks after planting corn kernels. They are growing like crazy, everyday there is a noticeable difference in their size. The only problem we have had is the chipmunks pulling a few out of the ground. This past week everything in… Continue reading Weekly Garden Update: 2


Tip Thursday: How to Cut Brussels Sprouts

I was having trouble coming up with a post for today but last night I was making Roasted Vegetables for dinner and got an idea. I thought I would give a tip on how to cut Brussels Sprouts and the best time to prepare them. I know a lot of people might think this is… Continue reading Tip Thursday: How to Cut Brussels Sprouts

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Roasted Vegetables

I grew up as the ‘weird kid’ who actually liked brussels sprouts, so I love trying to find different ways to cook them.