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Weekly Garden Update: 4

These posts are turning into my favorite posts each week; I really enjoy writing about our garden and how much it’s progressed each week. This week we had another week of humid weather and a few thunderstorms, and the garden really enjoyed it. I think the zucchini plants felt pressure from the corn, because they… Continue reading Weekly Garden Update: 4


Weekly Garden Update: 1

Since summer has started I wanted to start posting an extra day each week, so I thought ‘Saturday Garden Updates’ would be a good idea.


My Senior Thesis Summary: The Slow Food Movement

During my last semester at college, this past fall, it was time to write my senior thesis paper. Twelve to fifteen pages on a topic of my choice, so of course I picked a food topic, more specifically Slow Food. Since I was an Italian Studies major I needed to make sure my topic was… Continue reading My Senior Thesis Summary: The Slow Food Movement


I’m finally restarting this blog!

I promise this time! Now that I’m finished with college and I’m not constantly doing schoolwork, this blog and finding a job that I love, are my first priorities. I already have a few posts ready to go. For now I will be posting once or twice a week, but when summer starts I’m hoping… Continue reading I’m finally restarting this blog!