I’m Back!

I’m sorry for the unexpected month long break from blogging. I’ve been looking for a job, getting some projects done around the house, and cooking everything we get from the garden. And I’ve had one of those lovely colds that just won’t go away.


Our garden is doing fantastic! We have already had 12 zucchini, plenty of pickling cucumbers, a ton of green beans, and some cherry tomatoes. Our corn plants are now about 7 feet tall and are covered in corn cobs. My basil is doing great as well, so I’ve been stocking the freezer with homemade pesto.


And since the pickling cucumber plant is growing like crazy, I’ve already made pickles too! The next time I make them, I am going to do a post on here with the recipe. I also bought a special knife that creates crinkly pickle slices. I bought mine on a day trip to Amish country, but Sur La Table has one.


All of our tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes! We have been getting a few cherry tomatoes, but we are still waiting for the heirlooms and romas.


And for a final picture. This is what my dog, Spinaci, does when my mom is picking green beans. He sits outside of the garden, barks, whines, and walks on his hind legs, until we give him a green bean.

I’ll be back with a recipe post on Thursday and a full Garden Update on Saturday.


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