Tip Thursday: Snack Drawer


Something my mom has always made room for in the kitchen, is a snack drawer for me. When I was little, she picked a drawer low to the ground and filled it with healthy snacks that were just for me. I still have my own drawer in the kitchen and love having one place to go to find a snack.

I think having a drawer like this can help anyone make better food choices. I like to make sure there are several different snacks, so I don’t get bored and eat something unhealthy instead. I keep a few breakfast items in my drawer as well, like multi-grain oatmeal and nutella.

Most of the snacks I like are from Kashi and Kind. I really like that Kashi has started adding Chia seeds to their products, they really help to fill you up. My favorite snacks are the Kind bars, they come is so many different flavors and some of them even taste like candy. I also like the individual bags of Skinny Pop popcorn, which are a really good snack.


Another one of my favorite snacks are these sunflower seeds clusters, Somersaults. My favorite flavors are ‘dutch cocoa’ and ‘cinnamon crunch’, and only a few really fill you up.


A snack I’ve found recently are these Brown Rice Crisps. They are super crunchy and are perfect when you are craving chips. Blue corn chips are also a perfect snack, along with some fresh salsa.

I hope you enjoyed this tip! Feel free to leave a question or comment telling me what your favorite snack is. Subscribe for posts on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


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