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Seasonal Ingredient: Persimmon

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This is actually the first time I’ve worked with Persimmons. I bought the November/December issue of Eating Well Magazine a few weeks ago and saw a wild rice recipe that would be perfect to make for work, but persimmons were an ingredient.

I wasn’t quite sure how to actually cut a persimmons so I turned to my best friend Google to find out. I found a few pages with tips on how to cut a persimmons, so I thought I would compile them for a blog post. Just in time for Thursdays post ‘Wild Rice Salad with Baby Kale and Persimmons’.

Something I didn’t know – there are two types of persimmons. The first being the one pictured here, the fuyu persimmons, and the other being the hachiya persimmons. From what I read, the fuyu persimmons are easier to work with. They can be eaten at all stages of ripeness, while the hachiya persimmons can only be eaten when extremely ripe.

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How To Cut a Fuyu Persimmons:

1. When picking out Fuyu persimmons at the store, try to pick ones that are slightly soft to the touch.

2. Wash and dry the fruit.

3. On a cutting board, flip the fruit over and cut through the fruit until you hit the stem/leaves.

4. Pick up the fruit and pull each side off of the stem/leaves. Discard stem/leaves.

5. From here, cut into small wedges, then into small pieces.

6. Add to the dish you are making or eat as a snack. Enjoy!

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If you have any questions, comments, or recipe requests, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. Also, if you use this tip, please let me know how it works!


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